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16-part set : cot with a drawer ROXANA , mattress buckwheat-foam , bedclothes with embroidered

16-part set : cot with a drawer ROXANA , mattress buckwheat-foam , bedclothes with embroidered
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16-part set cot with a drawer ROXANA 6 models ,mattress buckwheat- foam, bedclothes embroidered


Unique design  , A perfect connection of plain cloth with striped one
Lovely embroidery lends beauty to the whole set


The set includes 16 parts:

1.  Cot with a drawer "ROXANA" six types to choose

 * Cot wooden , material - pine wood
* Size- 120x60 cm (inside)
* Cot colour : WHITE + HONEY
* The built and materials meet European standards concerning child products
* ROXANA : The  short side  with a big arch in honey colour.
* The cos is decorated with a beautiful overprint on one of the short sides.
* Overprint is laser made , so it is very durable. It can be cleaned with a soft cloth. Side of the printed circuit presents the picture below.
* The long side consists of rungs.
* Rungs are flat –lend charm and chic to the cot, rounded on the edges (safe)
* The bottom with rungs – enables free flow of the air, so you are sure that the mattress is well aired and Your baby perspires less
* Three removable rungs in every set- when removed your older kid may itself leave the cot when it wakes up and the parents will not be afraid of their baby trying to go over the cot
* Mattress height regulation – changed when the baby starts standing up by itself
* Firmly made drawer with a cover – a drawer on roller rails has a suspended cover preventing against dust. It is very capacious (deep) and will accommodate many baby’s clothes
* Cot is manufactured in Poland and it has all certyficates required by law

2. Mattress GRYKOSEN -buckwheat- foam- made by currently the best producer of mattresses on the market – DANPOL Company. Mattress size – 120x60. Made of a layer of buckwheat husks poured into specially sewn little pockets (layers with antiperspirant, anti-bedsore, and anti allergic   properties) and of a layer of foam. This is a one-sided mattress. Buckwheat is the only natural base for sleeping. It is equipped with a colourful zipped case. Helps to cure backbone impediments. It has a positive opinion of Mother & Child Institute, Polish PZH certificate and a positive opinion of Medical Technology Institute.

3. Case for quilt 120x90 cm- safely zipped, 100% cotton- certificated. The case consists of plain cloth and stripes cloth delicate wave-shaped ,finished with colour trimming , which uderlines  and animates uniqueness of the set of bedclothes. The connection between the two is marked with a darker edge. All this is completed with a beautiful embroidery visible also on other parts of the set.

4. Pillowcase 60x40 cm- safely zipped, unicoloured, 100%cotton – certificated

5. Quilt (filling) 120x90 cm –the cover is made of white cotton, the filling is made of warm, soft  nonwoven fluffy fibre, antiallergic, the duvet is quilted, which prevents the filling from moving around. The duvet may be washed in a washing machine.

6. Pillow (filling) 60x40 cm - the cover is made of white cotton, the filling is made of warm,soft  nonwoven fluffy fibre, antiallergic.

7. High bolster – about 40 cm – a rounded high bolster is a perfect protection of your baby’s head.  The cover consists of plain cloth and  striped cloth  in the shape of a delicate waves finished with piping/trimming. In the middle of the bolster there is a big embroidery.  Edges are finished with  trimming ,which underlines its shape.We are THE ONLY company  to offer the bolster made of solid foam 2 cm thick (not made of thin nonwoven fibre, like at other producers). Only this thickness and stiffness are a perfect cover preventing hitting rungs.
NOVELTY!!! The bolster has a zipped EASY WASH system. The systems enables doing the laundry in the washing machine and ironing the bolster’s case without the risk of damaging the filling. All you have to do is to open the case and take out the filling which will not be washed. Having washed and ironed the case you just put the filling in and zip it. In that way your bolster will look new for many years.

8. Two side shields 30cm high – prevent your baby from hitting side rungs. The case consists of plain cloth and gently stripes cloth. Since the side shields are not fixed to the bolster, they may be fixed any way you want on the sides of the bed. You can for example put them along one side, thus you can watch your baby if you have your bed next to the cot. 

9. Mosquito net made of chiffon 480x160cm – covers the whole cot protecting the baby from any insects, at the same time it looks really lovely. The right length and width protect the whole cot. It may be fixed on the long or short side. Made of gentle chiffon and edged with suitable colour trimming.  The top of the net is additionally adorned with a layer of cotton fibre the same as bedclothes and the knot, also made of chiffon.

10. The canopy rack – for fixing the mosquito net, may be fixed on the shorter or longer side of the cot.

11. Cotton sheet – equipped with a sewn-in elastic band preventing any moves on the mattress.

12. Masking frill – put under mattress masks the room between bottom of the cot and the cover of the drawer. It is made of stripes fibre and gently creased.

13. Stiffened baby wrap 80x80 cm (+- 3cm) indispensible for any newborn’s layette . Perfect when you leave hospital and also useful much longer. The stiffened wrap improves the comfort of holding the baby, it holds the still slender body. The stiffening coconut mat must be taken out when the wrap is washed . The mat is placed in a special pocket buckled with a Velcro at the back of the wrap. Very good for feeding , adjusts to baby’s shape keeping it warm and safe. Your baby feels like in mummy’s belly. The wrap is fastened with Velcro on the side and from the bottom it is additionally tied into a beautiful knot. It is soft and feels pleasant.  The wrap’s fill is made of nonwoven fibre with weight 300g/m2 edged with colourful cotton. The fill is quilted, which prevents it from moving.

14. Outfit  -made of the best on the market 100% cotton fibre. It has 4  pockets for various items.Filling it is resilient foam / sponge , which is why the outfit doesn't deform after inserting objects into the pocket and still retains its original shape. Outfit is carefully finished with  piping /trimming. The sewn-in three strings help to tie the outfit to the cot in any place. The case consists of plain cloth and gently striped cloth. In the middle of the outfit there is a little embroidery.

15. Cuddly - a round soft lovely pillow with a beautiful frill finished off with a colourful thread. Every baby will love it. The colour of the cuddly matches the colour of the bedclothes.

16. Diaper nappy – indispensible component of baby’s layette, perfect for wiping the face, body, as well as a favourite cuddly while falling asleep and in many other cases – FREE

Bedclothes match cot  internal dimensions of 120 * 60
The bedclothes are made of 100% cotton fibre of very good quality
All our products have PZH HŻ certificate and all raw materials OKO-TEX STANDARD 100 CERTIFICATE
Bedclothes dimensions may differ from that specified in the description of +-2cm























(ATTENTION! Exceptionally in this set the outfit has not removable covers,but it can be washed in full)i


(ATTENTION! Exceptionally in this set the outfit has not removable covers,but it can be washed in full)i

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